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Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011

2011 Seoul Short Course Euphoria

Hi all, welcome back to my blog!
Today, am going to tell an adventure of mine during joining a short course from Kyunghee University in Seoul city this July 2011.

We just arrived in Incheon airport after 9 hours of flight. It was so impressing me and my friends (elisa, kevin and fendy) with the first view of South Korea. Thank Binus International Office that had provided this chance along with the scholarship for spending summer time with global relatives in this event. So, we were waiting for around 3 hours before we leaved the airport, and went to Sewha Hall Dormitory.

I had a Russian roommate, she is very nice person and smart indeed. We have exchanging our country's souvenirs and get closer to be a good friends. Okay, so I will start to tell about the places that we've visited. This part would be the most interesting part that you will read :)

We went to a strange restaurant near dorm, without any capabilities of speaking Korean (and oh my Gosh, the waiter and all of the guest there can't speak English well). Then, we give our best effort to guess what is the menu that we want (okay, so the menu only consist of korean Hangeul and without price list) :( It was quite fun and memorable that we also pay the meals by giving as much money as we predicted so they could pay back if there's any rest.

Along with my beloved friends, we went to tourism site almost everyday! (Yeah, we only had 29 days there!). Picture above was taken at Korea Museum (crypt of Kim Sejung monument).

We were given chances to try the queen's costumes right. See our smile faces above? Yeah, we have spending our time with very grateful yet happily day by day! 

We tried to make bibimbap (비 빔 밥) by ourselves when we were visiting Hanok Village (historical sites of South Korea). Even though the taste was strange, I endeavor to eat it all. haha, very sad of being not competent in cooking. :D

Okay, we are proud being girls, and spent a lot of time visited shops. Picture above was taken at Dongdaemun street where business district is alive. Heaven of cosmetics and cloths there.

Ah, I forgot what the name of this big dish. I just remembered that it was very spicy, lot of meats and 'kwetiaw'. And beside it, the black bowl contains ginseng and chicken. Great combination of dishes that empowered our spirit to keep fighting in a new country.

I made a picture by attaching small ink pillow at this paper. Under the paper, there is a printed wood so we can easily have a same picture by pressing the pillow with this paper. Quite cheap, only 1000won or around 8600IDR.

We also went to Myeongdong to watch incredible cooking show called "Nanta's kitchen". So, there's a drama where a chef team struggling to make dishes for a special objective (such as "wedding" etc). The uniqueness was their capabilities of dance and cook at the same time, also with a fresh comedy. I think, we could called it similar with "standing comedy". 

That was a picture of us with great background of Kyunghee University (just 1 out of many buildings there). Can you imagine how big this university right? The fact is that this university was built at a mountain. So we should let ourselves walked on a very long street with a lot of rises.

Hey, this young woman was drawing my face on her canvas paper. After that, I just realized that this woman is specialized on children section, so the result also made a children face of mine. :P

At that time, I went outside with my Malaysian friends along Ewha Women's University district. It was a rainy day  but never stops our spirit to explore Seoul more. B-)

We went to Insadong to buy some merchandises before go home. As you knew before, Seoul is very famous of its street snacks. So I just stop for a while and tasted a great waffle. Uh, missing this moment so much!

Banpo Bridge. Yeah, we went here almost 3 times to catch the colors come out from the bridge. Fortunately we catch it at the last day we went there. Amazingly beautiful.

I love all of my days there, and wishes to get more time to post experiences on this blog at the other time. I gotta go now, hope you enjoy! :) Ciao.

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